Beacon Lake Explains Why You Should Move to Florida (FL) from California (CA), New Jersey (NJ), or New York (NY)

Why You Should Move to FL from CA, NJ, or NY

In recent years, Florida has emerged as a top destination for people seeking a change of scenery. Many residents from California (CA), New Jersey (NJ), and New York (NY) have recognized the added value of living in the Sunshine State and are making arrangements to move as soon as possible. During the home-buying rush, Beacon Lake has seen a wave of new residents from not just other parts of Florida, but several other states as well.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of the stunning Florida beaches, the favorable tax environment, the year-round outdoor recreational opportunities, or the vibrant cultural scene, Beacon Lake provides a compelling package that caters to the specific needs and preferences of individuals and families making the transition from California (CA), New Jersey (NJ), or New York (NY.) This blog post helps highlight the reasons residents of CA, NJ, or NY should consider Beacon Lake when evaluating property before moving to Florida.


Moving from California (CA) to Florida (FL)

Moving from California (CA) to Florida (FL)

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, California (CA) is one of the most desirable places to live in the country. The dynamic geography of the state combined with the consistently favorable climate places the Golden State among the most popular for people to visit and live in annually.

However, for those seeking a change from the comforts of California, Florida (FL) has several benefits to consider. For example, taxes are among the most favorable factors for working families to examine when determining whether to live near a city such as Los Angeles against a place like Jacksonville. Two of the most stark differences in taxation between the states are the Income and Sales Taxes:

  • State-Level Income Tax:
    • CA: 13%
    • FL: 0%
  • State-Level Sales Tax:
    • CA: 8%
    • FL: 6%, though some municipalities charge extra

These are particularly important considerations for business-owners considering a move out of California. However, in addition to fiscal benefits, the lifestyle offerings that Florida has compared to California measure up quite well for those used to the comforts of the West Coast. Though Florida lacks the mountainous regions of Northern California, the beaches along both sides of the Sunshine State consistently grade out among the most desirable and popular in the United States. For Beacon Lake residents, the sandy shores in nearby Jacksonville and St. Augustine are no exception.


Moving from New Jersey (NJ) to Florida (FL)

Moving from New Jersey to FloridaNew Jersey (NJ) is another state that has seen a significant portion of residents moving to Florida (FL) in recent years. A major reason for this shift is that property taxes in Florida (0.97%) are less than half of what they are in New Jersey (2%). While the difference in other taxes for would-be Garden State departures may not be as significant (such as inheritance), there are still many positive factors for New Jersey inhabitants to consider when plotting a move away from the East Coast.

One of the primary — if obvious — considerations is weather. New Jersey’s climate may be favorable to those that are used to it, but the environment can hardly compare to a tropical area such as Florida that sees over 300 days of sunshine per year and temperatures regularly in the range of 70-80 degrees. For families seeking to save money, a move to Florida presents an opportunity to sell winter clothing and downsize to a wardrobe that features warm-weather outfits year-round.

Coinciding with a more favorable outdoor atmosphere, moving to Florida will present a much wider range of active lifestyle and recreation options than what is available in New Jersey. Swimming, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, bird-watching, and watersports are just some of the activities available in Florida year-round that East Coast residents could otherwise only experience on vacation beyond the summer.

For out-of-state movers seeking to embrace an active and vibrant lifestyle, moving to a Florida neighborhood like Beacon Lake provides a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors. With its array of available outdoor activities and recreational options, Beacon Lake offers families the chance to fully engage with nature and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding environment.


Moving From New York (NY) to Florida (FL)

Moving from New York to FloridaGiven their proximity, many of the same benefits that New Jersey (NJ) residents will enjoy when moving to Florida (FL) also apply to new arrivals by way of New York (NY). However, there are some considerations that New Yorkers — particularly those in Manhattan or other boroughs in New York City — will want to keep in mind when evaluating Florida against other places to live in the United States.

For example, one of the most commonly cited enjoyable factors of life in the New York area is access to cultural diversity. The prominent existence of several backgrounds within the community is a trait that is not commonly found in places across America, regardless of population density or whether they exist in an urban or rural setting.

Florida on a state-wide basis is one of the very few areas in the country that offers a similar level of cultural homogeneity to what exists in the New York metro area. From the western parts of the panhandle to the southern tip of the Florida keys, the Sunshine State features prominent representation from many heritages within Hispanic, African American, and Native American communities. Beacon Lake is no exception to this, as the community sits next door to the oldest city in the United States — St. Augustine — that served as the capital of Florida for over 200 years prior to the founding of America.


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