St. Johns County: No Teacher Shortage Here

Mar 15, 2018 Blog, St. Johns County

School districts nationwide have been facing teacher shortages which have left many schools scrambling to find adequately qualified replacements.

The result? Schools are hiring rookies or just canceling specific courses altogether if no teacher is qualified to teach the subject. Furthermore, many states have sought to increase the supply of teachers by changing their licensure rules to make it easier for people who didn’t do the traditional teacher education programs to enter the classroom.

While the nationwide teacher shortage is an epidemic which needs to be addressed, St. Johns County remains stable and well-staffed with qualified instructors.

As the number one school district in Florida, it isn’t difficult to recruit and retain teachers.

Being an A-rated district, the county not only boasts stellar academic records, but also possesses a work culture that keeps its educational staff happy and stable. Especially in the school system, a positive work culture permeates into the classroom. Apathetic teachers will never make an impact like enthusiastic ones, so it’s important to know students are learning from educators who are passionate about their work. 

The county has a reputation for excellence, supportive camaraderie, great working conditions and a strong community of students and teachers. In fact, the school district wasn’t looking to recruit anyone until the spring or summer and has now resolved to recruit all year long, further enhancing the educational staff provided in St. John’s County. The top 3 high schools in St. Johns have a graduation rate of nearly 97 percent and are ranked within the top 40 in all of Florida.

The high growth trajectory the county has experienced has increased demand for teachers as well. With St. John’s county growing and developing, many families are looking to call it home. New developments, such as Beacon Lake, are opening near schools, creating a safe and reliable place to raise a family.