Trends in Northeast Florida for 2018

Jan 26, 2018 St. Johns County
st johns county lakefront

There was a lot of growth in Northeast Florida in 2017, which continues to expand even into the new year. The St. Johns Town Center area has evolved and flourished with companies like Ikea and Wawa making their long-awaited debuts, the addition of jobs, apartments, and developments also aided in the expansion of the region.

Considering the many improvements to Northeast Florida during 2017, here are some predicted trends for Northeast Florida in 2018:

Expanding Medical Centers

Northeast Florida’s medical industry demonstrated a healthy expansion in 2017 that continues into 2018. Nearly every medical center added new branches, launched projects or added services. Mayo Clinic is adding a lung restoration center, Memorial Hospital continues to expand its emergency department, and UF Health opened its North campus with future growth plans as well.

More Grocery Stores Than Ever

Whether you are a loyal Publix shopper or enjoy exploring new supermarkets, the region’s grocery store selection is evolving exponentially. You can now shop with discounted rates at Aldi, buy your organic fruits and veggies at Sprouts Farmers Market, and then pick up your favorite yummy snacks from Trader Joes in one fell swoop. In addition to the newly introduced grocers, existing Publix and Walmart locations are renovating and updating continually throughout the region.

Public Parks & Monuments Improving

Politician Anna Lopez Brosche focuses on improving the city’s 400-plus public parks and facilities.

Shopping Centers Revamp!

While the St. Johns Town Center continues to grow and prosper, some long-neglected shopping centers are attracting new investments with redevelopment strategies. Not only are many shopping centers being renovated, but many old properties are also taking on new roles such as medical offices, apartments, and more.

Northeast Florida continues to grow and establish itself as an ideal place to call home. If you want to experience the continuing emergence of St. Johns County and the surrounding areas, discover how to become part of the Beacon Lake community on our website today!