Why North Florida Is The Ideal Place To Live

Dec 20, 2017 Blog, St. Johns County
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A recent study from the University of South Florida revealed the majority of residents in North Florida would recommend their neighborhood or community to newcomers. This was not surprising to anyone who has experienced St. Johns County’s many positive attributes.

The study released in mid-November queried to what extent various community deterrents and unpleasantries impacted resident’s satisfaction with each region of Florida. According to the survey, North Florida residents rated their communities as better places to live compared to other parts of the state.

North Florida Residents ranked the following categories most positively:

Less Traffic

When all participants were asked which factors were most bothersome, traffic congestion was unanimously the top deterrent. Yet, in this category, only 18 percent of study participants considered traffic congestion to be troublesome in North Florida as compared to 70 percent in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and 62 percent in Tampa.

Lower Housing Costs

Another advantage of St. Johns County is lower housing costs as compared to many other parts of the state. In contrast to South Florida and most of Orlando, for instance, the St. Johns County area enjoys lower housing costs and taxes. With so many great communities, like Beacon Lake, it’s no surprise such great home value is found in the area.

Additionally, St. Johns County was rated #1 Best County for Families in Florida.

Public Safety

Public safety was also of great concern to study participants.  Understandably, residents want to feel safe in their homes and communities. About 70 percent of North Floridians participating in the study said safety concerns in their communities wouldn’t deter them from living in the area.  This was the highest vote of confidence among Florida residents participating in the study.

Many people are attracted to North Florida and in particular St. Johns County for these and other reasons like opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, fantastic schools, low unemployment and beautiful communities with great amenities like those offered in Beacon Lake. 

In St. Johns County alone, the population has grown by more than 100,000 since 2000. Discover how to become part of the Beacon Lake community on our website today!