Houses of Worship

The place you call home does more than shelter you and provide you with world-class amenities. Your home community is also a place that nurtures your soul, builds your faith, and prepares your spirit to engage with others.

Here at Beacon Lake and in nearby Jacksonville and St. Augustine, you’ll find more than three dozen churches and religious organizations representing most of the world’s major religions. The houses of worship offer youth, young adult, family, and senior ministries, as well as educational services and community service activities.

Check out the websites below for individual churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques for further information about worship times.


Both denominational and non-denominational Christian churches offer a variety of services and worship opportunities in the Beacon Lake community and surrounding areas. Whether you prefer traditional or non-traditional worship services for your faith, there is a church ready to welcome you.

Some of the faiths represented by nearby churches include Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ, Episcopalian, Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian religions. A few of these churches offer worship services in Spanish.


You’ll find places to practice Judaism throughout St. Johns County. You’ll have the opportunity to meet others who share your faith and participate in new traditions as well. Synagogues and centers offer opportunities for socializing and networking beyond formal worship, and they also teach Hebrew.


Several mosques and religious centers also find their home near the Beacon Lake community. In addition to offering opportunities to worship, the centers provide language instruction and further education about Islam and Islamic values.


The Hindu Society of Northeast Florida offers community, worship, and spirituality in an environment of sanctity for those practicing Hinduism. The Hindu Society also organizes special events, worship opportunities, and bazaars within the community at large.

With many options for faiths of all kinds, there’s no doubt you’ll find a house of worship you feel comfortable at: