Make Your Home Feel Warm With These Thanksgiving Decorations

Nov 12, 2023 Blog, Holidays, Projects
thanksgiving decorations

Beacon Lake is an ideal location for putting family first. Here’s why Beacon Lake is the perfect place to call home during the Thanksgiving season with Thanksgiving decorations.

Beacon Lake is an ideal location for putting family first. Here’s why Beacon Lake is the perfect place to call home during the Thanksgiving season with Thanksgiving decorations.

Thanksgiving’s right around the corner. It doesn’t matter if your place is big or small. Thanksgiving decorations make your home feel warm and welcoming.

Read on for the perfect Thanksgiving decorations to make your home inviting. 

Welcoming Your Loved Ones: The Front Door

If you live in the perfect place to call home, then you’ll love hosting Thanksgiving dinner. 

The first thing family and guests see is the front door. Hang a “Give Thanks” wreath on the door. This sets the perfect tone for the day. 

Start with a homemade or undecorated store-bought wreath. Decorate the wreath with pinecones and holly or hypericum berries. Weave orange, brown, and red ribbons through the wreath. 

Put a small hand-written banner in the middle that says, “Give Thanks.” 

Give Thanks Thread, Thanksgiving Decoration


This fun idea is a conversation starter and a memory maker. Use an old frame and put a linen-covered foam core inside of it. You can also use a regular bulletin board and paint the frame.

Use pretty paper at the top of the board and write “We are grateful for…” 

Cut out paper-shaped leaves from scrapbook paper or colored construction paper: supply marking pens and decorative thumbtacks. When family members and friends arrive, tell them to write what they’re grateful for on the leaves. 

Tack the leaves to the bulletin board. It’s a fun and thoughtful way to offer gratitude for the day and get your guests talking.


Use orange votive candles in small glass candle holders. Spread the candles around the dining room. Place them on the mantle along with miniature pumpkins and gourds.

Sprinkle in a few large orange pillar candles in glass cylinder vases for depth and variety. 

Do you have a few old candlestick holders? Modernize them with a coat of black spray paint. Then set small pumpkins instead of candles on top. 

THE TABLETOP: Elevate the Dining Experience

Have fun with the table settings. Your Thanksgiving table should not only be a food place but a stage for a memorable experience. Elevate the ambiance with the following elements:

  • Silver Chargers and White Plates: Begin with the foundation of your table setting. Lay large silver chargers beneath plain white plates. This classic pairing creates an elegant and timeless backdrop that allows the vibrant color of your Thanksgiving dishes to shine.
  • Napkin Elegance in Orange: Add a touch of autumn by rolling up vibrant orange napkins and placing them at the center of each plate. This simple yet impactful choice harmonizes with the season’s rich colors and sets the table with an inviting tone.
  • Candlelit Ambiance: Enhance the dining atmosphere with the soft, enchanting glow of orange votive candles. Strategically positioned, these candles cast a warm and intimate light that complements the silver chargers, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance for your Thanksgiving feast. As you gather around the table, let these candles serve as reminders of gratitude and togetherness.

Thanksgiving Dinner with turkey and orange candle light

This thoughtful attention to detail in your tabletop décor will transform your Thanksgiving celebration into a truly unforgettable experience.


Here’s a cute way to tell your guests what’s on the menu. And you get a little more use from your Halloween pumpkins.

  1. Give Your Pumpkins a Chalkboard Twist: Coat a couple of Halloween pumpkins in chalkboard paint. This easy step transforms them into menu boards, ready to display your delicious offerings.
  2. Write the Menu: Once the paint dries, grab some chalk and write down your Thanksgiving menu on the side of each pumpkin. This adds a personal touch to your decor and keeps your guests informed about the culinary delights that await them.
  3. Display Creatively: Now that your pumpkin menus are ready, you can place them strategically. Whether it’s on the dining table, in the kitchen, or scattered around the house, these charming menu pumpkins add a warm and welcoming touch to your Thanksgiving ambiance.

Not only is this idea adorable, but it’s also a fantastic way to make the most out of your holiday decorations. It ensures your guests know exactly what’s on the menu while adding a unique element to your Thanksgiving decor.


Entertaining kids at holiday get-togethers is tricky. Here are some Thanksgiving decorations that double as entertainment. This will keep the kids busy while the adults talk after dinner.

A creative idea to keep the kids entertained is to use craft paper as a substitute for a traditional tablecloth on the children’s table. This not only adds an artistic touch to the setup but also provides a practical surface for their activities.

Use a roll of craft paper instead of a tablecloth on the kids’ table. Place small terra-cotta pots on the table, filled with a variety of art supplies such as crayons, pens, and colored pencils. These creative materials offer kids the opportunity to express themselves, engage in fun activities, and create lasting memories.


The perfect Thanksgiving decorations add flair and fun to your holiday celebration. From the front door to the entry to the table, sprinkle in holiday decor for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Don’t stress if you’re hosting, instead, embrace it with enthusiasm. As you start decorating, keep in mind it’s about togetherness and gratitude, not perfection. Enjoy making memories, laughing, and sharing meals with loved ones. Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, with decorations adding to the celebration’s warmth. So, relish the joy of Thanksgiving decorating and treasure the moments it brings to your life. Have fun and enjoy the day with family and friends.


Looking for a warm and wonderful place to call home? Try Beacon Lake!