The Best 2020 Holiday Events in Jacksonville and St. Augustine

Though this year has seen more than its fair share of challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic, families and friends can still find lots of holiday events in Jacksonville and the St. Augustine area to enjoy this year! Here are some of the best holiday events and activities happening in St. Johns County, home to […]

Why Beacon Lake in St. Johns County?

St. Johns County — part of the greater Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL area — is a beautiful place to call home! The area holds great proximity to the excitement of big city life while still featuring plenty of space, privacy, safety, and an abundance of amenities you would expect in the suburbs. Chief among […]

Trick-or-Treat Safety 2020: Tips for a Safe Beacon Lake Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, but the holiday is going to look different with COVID-19 still around. With much of the spring and summer spent social distancing, many families are determined to celebrate Halloween this year by trick-or-treating. While it’s an activity that’s certainly less risky than crowded indoor gatherings, it does not come […]

Why Now Is the Time to Move to St. Johns County, St. Augustine, and the Jax Area

As businesses and communities continue to reopen and lift restrictions following the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s no better time to move to St. Johns County, including the greater Jacksonville and St. Augustine area. As part of the suburbs surrounding Jacksonville, St. Johns County offers all the benefits of living in the suburbs – space, privacy, safety, […]

Beacon Lake Activity Sheets

Show your love for Beacon Lake! Print out this coloring page and let your kids (and kids at heart) make their own Beacon Lake artwork!   

Should I Buy A Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

For those who had begun their new home search early this year, the COVID-19 pandemic likely brought your search to a halt – albeit a temporary one. Now that states are re-opening, many would-be home buyers are left wondering if they should start their home search fresh or if they should even consider buying a […]