New Year New Beginnings: Setting Resolutions in Beacon Lake

Jan 2, 2024 Blog, Holidays

As one year rolls into the next, we often take the time to reflect on the past and make plans for the future. This involves one thing that most people take the time to do: set some New Year’s resolutions. For residents of Beacon Lake, this can include everything from taking more vacation time to creating that elusive work-life balance or even clearing your schedule every now and then to take advantage of the many luxurious amenities that Beacon Lake has to offer. 

Have you already begun pondering your New Year’s resolutions? If you’re having a hard time setting some goals, here are some great tips to get you started.

Focus On Your Mental Health

Beacon Lake - New Years Resolutions - Journaling - Mental Health You’ve no doubt heard about the elusive work-life balance. This term is designed to remind people that they shouldn’t be at work or on-call 24/7. Instead, they need to find a balance between their working time and their personal hours, as that time off is good for their mental health.

If your New Year’s resolution is to improve your mental health, either by taking some time away from work to find this balance, or through some other means, you’ll need to put a plan into place to ensure you follow through. We always have the best of intentions, but sometimes, life just gets in the way. Here are some suggestions to begin formulating your roadmap to relaxation:

  • Start a Journal – There are numerous guided journals out there, some dedicated to different mental health issues, like anxiety and depression. All of them can help you reflect on your day and carve out some much-needed quiet time for yourself.
  • Take Time to Relax – If you have a hard time relaxing inside your home, then Beacon Lake has you covered. Our fire pit and sandy beach are great, quaint, quiet spots to relax, put your feet up, and focus on reading a good book. You can also socialize if you choose, which is also good for your mental health. 
  • Learn to Meditate – Do you know what else the beach and fire pit are good for? Meditating. Sometimes it’s easier to spend a few minutes with your eyes closed and thinking of a mantra while basking in the beauty of nature. Meditation is good for both the body and the mind, as it allows you some quiet time to reflect and clear your thoughts. 

Incorporate More Physical Activities

Focusing on your physical fitness is good for both your body and your brain. Not only does exercising provide you with plenty of endorphins (that feel-good chemical), but it can also alleviate anxiety as well. Of course, these are just two of the many reasons why you should add exercising more often to your list of resolutions. Beacon Lake - New Years Resolution - Family Time

Thankfully, if this is on your list, you have plenty of options in the Beacon Lake community, as well as outside of it. For example, you can:

  • Take a Fitness Class – Whether you prefer Jazzercise, yoga, Zumba, or any other fitness courses, there are numerous options in this area of Jacksonville. Plus, you’ll be able to make new friends while strengthening your muscles and increasing your stamina.
  • Hit the Gym – If fitness classes aren’t your thing, then consider heading to the gym. There, you can work on your cardio by exercising on a treadmill or exercise bike, as well as improve your muscle mass and strength by lifting weights, either free weights or via a machine. Even better, Beacon Lake has its own state-of-the-art gym, so you won’t have to travel far to focus on your fitness. 
  • Exercise Outdoors – If working out while taking in natural scenery is more your speed, then Beacon Lake has plenty of options. Consider adding kayaking to your list of excursions, courtesy of our 43-acre lake. Prefer walking, running, or bicycling? Beacon Lake has numerous multi-purpose paths for you to explore as well. 

Spend More Time with Your Kids

Beacon Lake - New Years Resolution - Family Time

Time with our kids is precious, and busy parents often feel as though they aren’t getting enough free time with their kids. This makes sense, since balancing work, chores, and home life can be difficult. If this is the case, then making more time for your children so you can create lasting memories and ensure that they are living their life to the fullest is a good addition to your list of resolutions.

Of course, in order to spend more time with your kids, it helps to have some general ideas of fun activities for the whole family. Some ideas to consider are:

  • Hosting a Weekly Movie Night – Whether you go out to see a movie in the theaters or prefer to stay home, make sure to let your children in on the fun. Have them choose the movies that they want to see, switching off weekly in order to avoid arguments amongst the little ones. Don’t forget to have plenty of popcorn, candy, and treats on hand in order to enhance the experience. 
  • Spend Time Outdoors – There’s nothing quite like letting your kids run off some energy outdoors. Even better, living in Beacon Lake gives you several kid-friendly options without even having to leave the community. Our fun pool and splash pad includes a water slide and other entertaining features, and our fully equipped playground will keep your kids busy for hours.
  • Go to Museums – Looking for a kid-friendly museum? They exist! Look for a local history center that includes fun activities for children, such as hands-on “digging” for fossils or solving huge, oversized puzzles. There are even science centers designed solely for kids where they can put their hands all over every exhibit without the risk of getting scolded by security.

Setting Your Resolutions

No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are, it helps to have a plan in place to make all those goals a reality. Rather than choosing a simple statement like, “I’d like to work out more,” it helps to attach some specifics or parameters to each goal. The suggestions mentioned here, which fit your resolutions of improving your mental health, getting into a fitness routine, and spending more time with your kids are all easy to do when you’re a part of our amazing Beacon Lake community. Thanks to our wide array of amenities, you’ll have no issues finding things to do within the area that fit your new goals for 2024. New year, new experiences, new you!