School District Expansions Continue in St. Johns County, Florida

beacon lake school expansion

St. Johns County, Florida is a highly sought location for families looking to relocate to the St. Augustine/Jacksonville area. St. Johns County offers residents pristine weather, endless recreational opportunities, and access to one of the top educational systems in the State of Florida. In fact, St. Johns County Public School District continues to surpass other counties in annual testing scores and graduation rates

Access to high-quality education is one of the many reasons that an increasing number of families are relocating to St. Johns County, Florida. Unfortunately, this significant increase in families and students in the area has also led to overcrowding in local schools. 

The St. Johns County School Board recently approved a bid to build another K-8 educational facility in the district to accommodate increased capacity needs. The $65.2 million dollar bid is just one of four development plans that have been approved for completion over the next several years. 


Population Growth in St. Johns County 

beacon lake st. johns county growth

The population in St. Johns County, Florida has risen significantly in recent years. In fact, the number of residents in the county has risen by a staggering 6% in just the past year. This significant growth has created a growing need for new educational facilities and housing developments in the county. 


Overcrowding in St. Johns County Schools 

St. Johns County schools have quickly become overcrowded due to the increased number of families that have relocated to the area. Overcrowding in public schools has led to a high student-to-teacher ratio in local classrooms. This places a heavy burden on teachers and threatens the quality of the education that students receive. 


St. Johns County School District Expansions 

The St. Johns County School District has completed several developments in recent years to accommodate the rapid population growth in the area. 


Liberty Pines Academy Expansion, Northwest St. Johns County

Liberty Pines Academy was developed in 2008 to serve K-8 students in northwestern St. Johns County. Population in the area has increased significantly since classes first began at the establishment.  

In 2019, the St. Johns County School Board approved a two-story building expansion contract to alleviate overcrowding. The building underwent major renovations, including the addition of 20 rooms. This expansion project increased the school’s capacity by 440 students and was completed in time for the 2020-2021 school year. 


Pine Island Academy, Nocatee Area 

Pine Island Academy serves approximately 1500 K-8 students in northeastern St. Johns County.  The school was originally known as “K-8 School MM” during the planning and development process, Pine Island Academy opened for classes during the 2021-2022 school year. 


Tocoi Creek High School, International Golf Parkway 

Tocoi Creek High School accommodates approximately 2100 students in Northwestern St. Johns County. Tocoi Creek High School, originally known as “High School HHH”, was developed near the International Golf Parkway. The school opened for classes during the 2021-2022 school year. 


Beachside High School, Twins Creek Development

Beachside High School, originally known as “High School III ”, is the latest educational facility to open its doors in St. Johns County. Beachside High School just recently started classes for the 2022-2023 school year. 

The school was developed based on the same design used to build Tocoi High School. As a result, the facility also has a maximum capacity of approximately 2100 students. 


St. Johns County School Development Plans

beacon lake st. augustine new school development

St. Johns County, Florida anticipates that the population in the county will continue to increase indefinitely.  St. Johns County School Board has also approved plans to build four new schools over the next five years to meet this ever-growing need.


“K-8 School OO”, Twin Creek Drive in Beacon Lake

“K-8 School 00” has been approved for development on 40 acres of land on Twin Creek drive in the Beacon Lake Community. This educational facility is expected to accommodate approximately 1500 students and classes are anticipated to begin during the 2024-2025 school year.


Housing Developments in St. Johns County 

The rising population in St. Johns County has also created a need for new housing developments in the area. 

To meet this need, the Beacon Lake Community recently announced that their builders are now selling Phase 3B of their site development plan. The Beacon Lake Community is also welcoming new families to join their growing community and new homes are available starting in the low 400s. 

Beacon Lake is a luxury housing community that is conveniently located between St. Augustine and Jacksonville. Families are attracted to this luxury housing community for its convenient location, small-town vibes, and amenities. 


Beacon Lake

St Johns County Homes Beacon Lake

Beacon Lake is a housing community that is located on over 630 acres of nature reserve in St. Johns County, Florida. Community residents enjoy the abundance of recreational activities, amenities, and high-quality education that is available in the area.

The Beacon Lake Community is popular for families due to its excellent location, family-centric atmosphere, and an extensive list of premier amenities. 

Beacon Lake Community Amenities:

  • 43-Acre Paddle-Friendly Lake
  • 8,200 Sq. Ft. Lake House
  • Community Events
  • Dog Park
  • Kayak/Canoe Area
  • Sand Beach 
  • Splash Park 
  • State-of-the-Art Fitness Facility
  • Tennis Courts

Beacon Lake Homes are developed by award-winning builders and feature 43’, 63’, or 73’ lots. Visit Beacon Lake online to explore a collection of architecturally distinctive homes and to learn more about life at Beacon Lake.