Townhome Community Benefits: Why to Choose a Beacon Lake Townhouse Over a Condo

They say home is where the heart is, so it’s important to consider all the details before you make your home-buying decision. Townhome living may be the perfect choice for those interested in homeownership with resort-style amenities, safe and secure neighborhoods, and minimal maintenance responsibilities. If you’re trying to decide between buying a condo or […]

Why Beacon Lake is the Best Choice Among Florida Suburbs for Families New to Jacksonville

The demand for living in Florida has never been higher, particularly in the suburbs. Jacksonville’s population has risen steadily in the last decade to outpace that of even Miami and Orlando. Though each of the latter areas have their benefits, they lack the balance of convenience with a variety of premium activities to enjoy that […]

Beacon Lake Explains Why You Should Move to Florida (FL) from California (CA), New Jersey (NJ), or New York (NY)

Florida has been a top three state for annual population growth in recent years. Two of the main sources for new residents in the Sunshine State have been each of the major metro coastal areas of the United States — specifically the California (CA), New Jersey (NJ), and New York City (NY) areas. For a […]

The Best Ghost Tours in St. Augustine for Beacon Lake Residents

First founded in September of 1565 by Spanish settlers, St. Augustine remains the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the United States nearly half a millennium later. Because the city predates even the founding of America itself by over 200 years, St. Augustine carries a great deal of historical significance and corresponding superstition. In fact, there are […]

The Benefits of Living in New Construction Homes and Communities

As people around the country now continue to move from various states into Florida annually, the demand for suburban housing in the Sunshine State has never been higher. Beacon Lake and other communities that compliment luxury amenities with a family atmosphere have become highly sought-after destinations for aspiring homeowners looking to move out-of-state. This surge […]

The Best Library Branches to Visit in St. Johns County

Whether in search of a youth reading program or local information that cannot be found online, a library is an important part of any community. Thankfully, Beacon Lake residents have convenient access to multiple public library systems throughout St. Johns County. This means families will have ample opportunities to provide their children with an environment […]