Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Community Questions

Where is St. John’s County Florida?

St. John’s County is a county in the northeastern part of the U.S. state of Florida. St. Johns County is part of the Jacksonville metropolitan area. The County is 608 square miles and is surrounded with beaches, riverfront, and dozens of historical landmarks.

What cities are there in St. John’s County Florida

St John’s county is filled with many robust communities and cities like: St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra Beach, Nocatee, Fruit Cove, Hastings, Vilano Beach, Palm Valley, Crescent Beach, Butler Beach and Sawgrass.

What schools will my children attend?

Beacon Lake currently falls within the boundaries assigned to Ocean Palms Elementary School, Alice B. Landrum Middle School, and Beachside High School for the 2022-2023 school year. The developer has set aside funds for new school construction.  St. Johns County is rated #1 School District in Florida for 2019! As school boundaries can change, we recommend verifying your child’s designated schools with the St. John’s County School District.

What is a Community Development District?

Visit our Community Development District (CDD) page to learn more about the District and how it benefits Beacon Lake’s residents.

What will the CDD fees be?

CDD debt service and O&M (Operations & Maintenance) payments are based on lot size and appear as non-ad valorem assessments on your tax bill.

Your builder will be able to provide you with the CDD fee information for your home.

Will there be HOA fees?

Yes, there will be HOA fees.

Is Beacon Lake part of Twin Creeks?

Beacon Lake is a master development from BBX Capital Real Estate. It is separate from Twin Creeks, which is being developed by another company.

Can Beacon Lake residents use the lagoon at Twin Creeks?

The retail and restaurants at Twin Creeks are open to the public.  Twin Creeks’ community amenities (including the lagoon) are for the exclusive use of Twin Creeks’ residents.

Will Beacon Lake be a gated community?

Beacon Lake is not a gated community. It does include one gated neighborhood, called The Landing.

Is St. John’s Florida a good place to live?

If you’re considering a move to northeastern Florida or just looking for a refreshing change of scenery and a beautiful master-planned community, then St. Johns County should be high on your list of areas to live in.

St. Johns County was recently voted one of the best places to live in the United States. With that in mind, moving to a community such as Beacon Lake in St. Johns County could be just the kind of change you’re looking for.

From location and affordability to local culture, here are the top perks of living in St. Johns County, Florida.

Is Beacon Lake a Golf Cart Community?

While golf carts are permitted for use throughout the community, Beacon Lake is not an official golf-cart community. All golf carts are expected to adhere by traditional road traffic rules and are not permitted on trails, sidewalks or community greenery.


Builder Questions

When will home sales begin?

Home sales are underway at Beacon Lake! Stop in and tour four beautiful models presented by Dream Finders Homes and Toll Brothers. Builder’s models are open 7 days a week, but scheduling an appointment prior to visiting is encouraged.

Can I buy a lot and build with my own builder?

Only carefully selected, exclusive builders may build in Beacon Lake.  Consult the site plan to see which builders are designated for the home site you’re interested in.

Does Beacon Lake have an option for backyard pools?

Several of our builders offer an option for building a pool. The ability to build a pool is dependent on the lot size and home size. We encourage them to set up a consultation with our builders to find the best fit to meet their needs.

Will there be any builder specials or incentives?

Contact the Dream Finders Homes or Toll Brothers sales representatives directly for questions related to homes and pricing.

Amenity Questions

When will the Lake House open to residents?

The Lake House opened to residents in February 2019.  Join our VIP List for regular project updates.

Can we bring guests to the Lake House?


Will the Lake House be open to the public?

The Lake House is fully open again to residents.

Will there be a restaurant or snack bar at the Lake House?


Can we bring our own coolers to the pool and beach?

Yes, within reason.

Will there be an activities director, personal trainers, fitness instructors, etc.?

Riverside Management was hired by the CDD to manage the Lake House and other community amenities. The Amenity Manager’s office is open Monday – Friday. The manager can be reached at the email and phone listed below.


Residents have access to a community dashboard and receive announcements about community events, movie nights, fitness classes, swimming lessons, etc. Join our VIP List for updates about Beacon Lake and see why so many people love living here.

Can we rent the social room for private parties?  If so, what will room rental fees be?

Residents can rent the social room for private parties. Please contact the Lake House Manager for more information:


Lake Questions

What kinds of boats are permitted on Beacon Lake?

Canoes, kayaks, rowboats and paddle boats  are permitted on Beacon Lake.  Motorized watercraft are not permitted.

Is fishing permitted in Beacon Lake?

Fishing is permitted from the dock, the shoreline and from canoes, kayaks and rowboats.  Fishing is not permitted on the beach when other beachgoers are present.

Is swimming permitted in Beacon Lake?

“No-Swimming” signs will be posted all around the lake.  It’s best to enjoy Beacon Lake from a kayak, canoe, rowboat or paddle boat, while exercising caution and using proper safety equipment.


Under-construction Community Questions

Though early residents often benefit from purchasing a home at pre-construction or early pricing, from time to time they may experience issues unique to living in a “community in progress” such as: construction vehicles on their street or neighborhood, construction debris, flat tires, truck noise, lawn damage, power outages, construction site dust, and lake level issues.

Are the amenities at Beacon Lake built?

Yes, unlike some communities where early residents have to wait 2 – 3 years to enjoy their amenities, Beacon Lake’s developer completed construction of the Lake House Amenity & Fitness Center in time for the first hundred families to enjoy!  The Lake House amenity and fitness center is open and staffed by a full time manager.

What is the construction dust situation at Beacon Lake?

Blowing dust is a common issue on any live construction site as loose dirt and sand can be whipped around and picked up by the wind.  So yes, at certain times of the year – particularly in the dry, spring season – Beacon Lake’s early residents experience construction dust.  But, in anticipation of these issues, the developer has taken steps to mitigate the problem including: full-time watering trucks, laying sod, mulch and seed – and placing fences between construction areas and adjacent homes.  Nevertheless, during dry, windy times these steps reduce – but do not stop – the dust.  Fortunately, the rainy season is around the corner and the problem will be short lived.

Why are the lakes currently low at Beacon Lake?

During active community construction, lakes and water features may need to be pumped down from time to time.  The 43-acre lake was completed in early February 2020 – and is now quickly filling naturally from groundwater, rainwater and a storm drainage system.  According to our construction team, the lakes which are all interconnected, are recovering well and should return to appropriate levels in the coming months.  But, as with any live construction site, the lakes may need to be temporarily pumped down from time to time to allow for road and infrastructure construction.